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What Happens in a Contested Divorce?

Divorce is one of the most challenging events spouses and families can face, and it becomes even more difficult when the divorce is contested. A contested divorce can arise from one spouse opposing the divorce altogether. It is also considered a contested divorce when spouses cannot agree on one or more divorce-related issues, and thus their case will go to court.

We at Destiny Law fight for your rights in court while making sure you have the answers you need to handle the contested divorce process. Our experienced divorce lawyers are assertive as the circumstances require, without being unnecessarily aggressive. We strive for the most successful resolution of your case, as fast and efficiently as possible.

It is common for spouses to begin the contested divorce process and reach an agreement before the court trial begins, which is referred to as a settlement. If this is to happen, we will draw up an agreement that both spouses sign and it becomes a legally binding contract.

In a contested divorce that does not settle, a judge is ultimately responsible for making decisions about all disagreements — and their decision may not always satisfy both parties.

No matter what your situation is, the skilled divorce lawyers at Destiny Law have your best interests in mind and can fight on your behalf. Contact us today to discuss your case!

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Helping Families Through Contested Divorce in Arkansas

It is not recommended that spouses represent themselves in a contested divorce. Often, there are complexities involved that require expertise. You have rights, and we know the law. Our experienced and compassionate Little Rock and Hot Springs, Arkansas divorce lawyers are here to help you protect your rights and your assets when going through a divorce. There are many legal hurdles when filing for divorce in Arkansas but our divorce lawyers can help! We pride ourselves on being there for our clients every step of the way. Above all, we will work with efficiency to help you control costs and avoid unnecessary expenses and turmoil.

If you are considering divorce and are not sure where to begin, view our divorce checklist for more information on planning your divorce. You must be a resident of a county in Arkansas for 60 days in order to be able to file for divorce.

The grounds for a divorce in Arkansas include:

  • Adultery
  • Impotency
  • Conviction of a felony or infamous crime
  • Habitual drunkenness
  • Cruel and barbarous treatment
  • General indignities
  • Living separately for 18 continuous months

Our divorce attorneys are able to handle all aspects of a contested divorce, from contested custody and spousal support to complicated property division and more.

We have the skills and resources to help guide you through:

How Long Do Contested Divorces Take?

Contested divorces usually require a minimum of six months to a year and a half, sometimes longer, depending on the disagreement between the parties.

How Much Does a Contested Divorce Cost?

In a contested divorce, you can expect a starting retainer of $2,500. If there are children involved, then you can expect a starting retainer of $3,500. In many cases, you are likely to spend up to $10,000 in a custody battle.

Contact Our Arkansas Contested Divorce Lawyers

If you have questions not answered in these divorce FAQs, Destiny Law divorce lawyers offer one-hour consultations for a set fee to evaluate your case with you. We will explain to you how divorce law works and provide you with an overview of your rights. After this consultation, the required retainer and costs can then be estimated. Contact us today!

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