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Unbundled service to assist with name change in Arkansas.

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Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30AM – 4:30PM

What are unbundled services?

While Destiny Law Firm offers full-service options for name changes, some clients prefer us to empower them to do some of the work, either to save money or so that they can take a more active role in their case. We offer unbundled services for these clients, which means we provide the forms and information needed for them to file on their own. This is best in cases that are straightforward and uncontested.

What does this package include?

  • Civil cover sheet
  • Petition for Name Change
  • Order for Name Change
  • Disposition sheet

What do I do with these documents?

  • Pick up your documents from us, and review them carefully.
  • Sign the Petition for Name Change.
  • Take the civil cover sheet and Petition for Name Change to the courthouse for filing.

After the civil cover sheet and Petition for Name Change have been filed, you will need to take the filed Petition for Name Change and Order for Name Change to the judge’s office. You can ask the court clerk who filed your documents who the judge is and where the office is located.

Your phone number will be on the documents, and you can request that the judge’s office notify you by phone when the order has been signed.

Once the order is signed, you will need to return to the clerk’s office to request a certified copy of the order. This will be the copy needed for schools, financial institutions, and the government (i.e. Social Security, IRS, etc.). It may cost approximately $20 to receive one certified copy. If you advise the clerk that the order was just signed by the judge and this is the first time you are receiving it, they may waive the certification fee for you.

Once you pick up your signed Order of Name Change, you will need to file the disposition sheet with the court clerk’s office.

If you need to follow up on your case, you can search for it on the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) website.

To use the AOC, visit http://www.pulaskiclerk.com

  • Click on Court Records (5th one down in the list on the left side of the homepage).
  • Click on Search by person name, business name, or case type.
  • Click Accept.
  • On the next page, enter your first and last name in the designated boxes and click submit. If your results come back with hundreds of results that do not pertain to you, then try selecting the county you filed in and submit the query again. This should help narrow your results to the case you are looking for.
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