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Both parents have a responsibility to provide financial care and support to the child or children. The award of support follows this and considers a huge number of factors. Some of the most important factors the court considers when determining child support is the amount of time the child or children spends with each parent and the respective income of the parents.

The experienced child custody attorneys at Destiny Law Firm provide skilled guidance to help you through child custody and other family law issues. Our team understands the many aspects of child support that must be considered, including in a motion to modify, and we will work to meeting your goals in resolving the issues you face.

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The law governing the factors are set out in Administrative Order No.10 which is updated every few years. It can be modified or varied depending on court rulings and case law. Each parent must fill out an Affidavit of Financial Means for the court to consider is setting child support. We can help you calculate or determine the factors a court will consider to determine the child support obligation.

The court first considers the child’s best interest in determining whether to award sole physical custody of the child or children to one parent or to award joint custody to both parents. In addition to the child or children’s wishes, factors that play a part in the determination including, but are not limited to:

  • Parents’ wishes
  • Parent’s ability to communicate with the other parent
  • Whether or not there are siblings
  • Parents’ physical and mental health, which includes any domestic violence issues
  • Which parent would be more open to allow meaningful, frequent, and continuous contact with the other parent
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Sole Custody vs. Joint Custody

The decision to award either sole custody or joint custody involves a number of factors. To be awarded sole physical and legal custody, one party must overcome the presumption in favor of joint custody. There are various ways to approach overcoming the presumption and numerous factors to consider.

In joint legal custody, the parents make joint decisions about the child together, such as decisions about the children’s welfare and upbringing. Generally Arkansas Courts favor an award of joint legal custody, but there are exceptions. Example of exceptions: abuse, neglect, abandonment.

Regardless of whether sole or joint custody is granted, a decree or final order should layout a detailed plan for visitation or time sharing of the parties minor children, as well as whether the parents will share legal custody. Additionally, a well planned decree or final order will outline each party’s obligations to the children regarding care and expenses.

Child custody is a multifaceted issue that requires a skilled attorney to navigate the many legal nuances of a case. Contact The Destiny Law Firm to discuss your case and set up a one-hour consultation with our attorneys.

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