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For divorce or family law cases involving child custody, Destiny Law Firms Little Rock child support attorneys can help. We will make sure your voice is heard and that your rights are protected.

There are many things to consider when entering into a child custody case. The court prioritizes the child’s best interests when deciding sole or joint custody for parents. In addition to the child(ren)’s wishes, some factors that play a part in the determination include:

  • Parent’s wishes
  • Parents’ ability to communicate with each other
  • Whether or not there are siblings
  • Parents’ physical and mental health, which includes any domestic violence issues
  • Which parent is more open to allowing meaningful, frequent, and continuous contact with the other parent
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Sole Custody vs. Joint Custody in Arkansas

The decision to award either sole custody or joint custody involves several factors. To gain sole custody, one must overcome the legal presumption favoring joint custody. There are various ways to overcome the presumption and numerous factors to consider. Reach out to our sole custody attorneys in Little Rock to learn how to attain sole custody.

In joint legal custody, the parents make joint decisions about the children’s welfare and upbringing. Generally, Arkansas courts favor an award of joint legal custody, but exceptions exist. Examples of exceptions are abuse, neglect, and abandonment.

Whether sole or joint custody is granted, a decree should outline a visitation plan and address shared legal custody. A well-planned decree or final order will outline each party’s care and expense obligations to the children.

Why Choose Destiny Law Firm for Child Custody Cases?

Child custody cases can be emotionally taxing and legally complex. We understand the intricacies of these cases and offer experience in handling them. Here’s why you should choose Destiny Law Firm for your child custody needs:

  1. Child-Centered Approach: Our first priority is the well-being and best interests of your child. We work diligently to provide a safe and nurturing environment for them.
  2. Effective Communication: We stress communication between parents to meet the child’s needs, whether it involves sole or joint custody arrangements.
  3. Siblings and Family Dynamics: We consider the presence of siblings and other family dynamics, tailoring our approach to your family situation.
  4. Physical and Mental Health: We assess the physical and mental health of parents, addressing any concerns or domestic violence issues that may impact custody decisions.
  5. Encouraging Contact: We advocate for meaningful and frequent contact between parents. This promotes a healthy relationship between the child and both parents.

At Destiny Law Firm, we are committed to providing exceptional child custody attorneys in Little Rock, AR, protecting your rights and securing the best outcome for you and your child.

Contact Destiny Law’s Child Custody Attorneys in Little Rock, AR

Child custody cases are emotionally charged and legally complex, necessitating an experienced attorney for effective navigation. It’s crucial to find such an attorney.

Destiny Law Firm specializes in child custody cases, and we will fight for your rights. Contact us to schedule a one-hour consultation with our child custody attorneys in Little Rock, AR.

Frequently Asked Questions

These frequently asked questions outline common concerns regarding child custody cases in Little Rock, AR.

What is the court's definition of ``best interest`` in a child custody case?

The court determines the “best interest” of a child by considering several factors. These include the child’s emotional, educational, and physical needs, the parent’s ability to meet those needs, and the existing familial relationships. The primary goal is to ensure the child has a safe, stable, and nurturing environment.

What role does a child's preference play in a custody decision?

The court may take a child’s preference into account, depending on their age, maturity, and reasons for preference. However, the child’s preference is not the sole determinant; the best interest of the child is most important.

What is the difference between physical custody and legal custody?

Physical custody refers to the parent with whom the child will live. Legal custody grants the authority to make important decisions about the child’s life, such as education, healthcare, and religious upbringing. Parents can share legal custody even if one parent has sole physical custody. At Destiny Law Firm, our child custody attorneys in Little Rock, AR, guide clients through custody distinctions.

What if one parent is not adhering to the custody agreement?

If one parent violates the agreement, the other parent can file a complaint with the court. In severe cases, this could lead to changes in custody arrangements or even sanctions.

Can a custody order be modified?

Yes, custody orders can be modified if there is a significant change in circumstances impacting the child’s best interest. This process typically involves court proceedings and demonstrating why a modification is necessary.

How does Destiny Law Firm support parents through the child custody process?

Our child custody attorneys in Little Rock, AR, provide legal guidance and emotional support during this challenging time. We work closely with our clients to offer tailored advice and representation throughout the custody proceedings.

What steps should I take to prepare for a child custody case?

Start by consulting with a qualified attorney who can guide you. Gather any relevant documents, such as records of interactions with the other parent, financial records, and documents related to your child’s health and education. Focus on creating a stable, nurturing environment for your child.

What should I expect during the child custody hearing?

During a child custody hearing, the court will hear from both parties to gain a thorough understanding of the child’s best interest. Each parent, usually with the help of their attorney, will present their case. They may present evidence, witnesses, and even expert testimonies. 

The judge will consider many factors, such as each parent’s ability to provide for the child, the child’s preferences (depending on their age and maturity), and the current living situation before deciding.

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