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Child Support in Arkansas

Arkansas law requires parents to support their children financially. Courts may require noncustodial parents to make regular child support payments to the custodial parent under certain circumstances. Courts can order child support for parents who divorce, separate or were never married.

Child support disputes can be extremely complicated, and mistakes can be both emotionally and financially costly. Anyone involved in a child support dispute should promptly retain a child support attorney in Little Rock. Destiny Law Firm skillfully represents your interests, ensuring the most favorable resolution for your child support case.

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Arkansas Child Support Determinations

The Arkansas Supreme Court’s Administrative Order Number 10 establishes guidelines for calculating child support. That order incorporates charts that set child support weekly and monthly based on the time spent with each parent and their income.

The court typically presumes the Family Support Chart’s most recent version as the appropriate child support amount. Judges may grant more or less support if there is evidence that an exception exists under Administrative Order 10. The chart used in a particular case depends on how often the noncustodial parent is paid.

The court examines pay stubs to assess the noncustodial parent’s income, deducting specific expenses from their gross pay. These expenses include the following:

  • Support payments for other dependents that a court has ordered;
  • Medical insurance payments for children;
  • Social security, Medicare, and railroad retirement withholdings;
  • Federal and state income tax.
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Prenuptial Agreements

While prenuptial agreements can address various financial matters in a marriage, they typically do not determine child support. Child support arrangements are generally subject to state laws and court decisions, prioritizing the child’s best interests. If you need guidance on prenuptial agreements or legal advice, contact our prenuptial agreement lawyers in Little Rock, AR.

When Does Child Support End in Arkansas?

Some events automatically end child support collection, such as the child turning 18 and graduating from high school. The court may extend child support beyond 18, particularly when the child faces disabilities hindering self-care.

Other circumstances that might lead to child support ending include:

  • The child marries;
  • The child dies;
  • A court declares the child emancipated if financially stable and living independently from the parents. However, the court may decide that child support should persist even after the child’s emancipation.

Modifying an Existing Child Support Order

In Arkansas, a parent can request the court to modify an existing child support order as per state law. A valid request arises when the paying parent’s gross income substantially changes, exceeding 20 percent or $100 monthly. Though it may appear simple, cases with parents having variable income sources, like businesses or investments, may require analysis. This analysis is crucial to ascertain the modifiability of a child support order.

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Child Support and Mediation in Arkansas

Sometimes, parents may decide to work out child support together through mediation. The court may deem it necessary to discuss child support using mediation. Our child support attorneys serving Little Rock can help.

Because a mediator must act as a neutral party, neither parent can bring a mediator into the case alone. The Arkansas Access and Visitation Mediation Program includes several attorneys who may assist with your case. The program covers up to six hours of mediation time, including the time it takes to schedule the case.

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