Unbundled Attorney Services

Assistance with Limited Scope Representation (LSR) in Family Law and Other Practice Areas

What are Unbundled Services?

Unbundled services are also known as limited scope representation (LSR). It allows attorneys and clients to divide parts of the case and identify whether the attorney or client is responsible for that part. These services cater to the people who want to represent themselves without hiring a “full service” attorney. For example, typically, when you go see an attorney you receive legal advice during a consult. That consult is considered an unbundled service. Other examples of unbundled services include drafting pleadings, document review, conducting legal research, and preparing exhibits. Additionally, attorneys are usually retained for “full service” legal assistance wherein they advise you throughout the case, prepare pleadings, speak to the opposing party or opposing counsel on your behalf, attend hearing, and work on your behalf every step of the way. Full service assistance can be expensive, and may preclude some people for seeking legal assistance.

In an effort to provide more legal resources to our community, we are now introducing unbundled services for those who may not be able to afford full service representation services or those who simply wish to represent themselves. However, if you are uncomfortable with the idea of having to tackle these issues on your own, feel free to discuss Full Service Representation with us.

Who is eligible for Unbundled Services?

Every case and every person is not well suited for unbundled services. For example, areas of law that are not suited for unbundled services include criminal, tax, and complex child custody issue, among others.

Unbundled services work best with uncontested matters. To qualify for unbundled services, a client would need to be able to take the advice of the attorney and follow it step by step to complete their case. These steps may include filing of pleadings, serving those pleadings on the opposing party or opposing counsel, speaking to the opposing party or opposing counsel, setting a hearing, and appearing for that hearing. To determine if you qualify for unbundled services, please call us today to set up a consultation.

What services are unbundled and how much does it cost?

We will be offering several unbundled services for divorce, guardianship, name change, adoption, hearing appearance for Orders of Protection, document review, legal research, and preparing exhibits.

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Uncontested Divorce

Tier 1 No Children/No Property/No Debt $800
Tier 2 No Children but have property or debt $1,200
Tier 3 Children, property, and/or debt $1,600

Other Services

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Guardianship – Adult or Minor (Uncontested) $1,400
Name Change $300
Adoption – Adult or Minor (Uncontested) $1,000
Hearing Appearance for Order of Protection $600
Petition in Order to Seal $400
Document Review $200 per hour
Legal Research $150 per hour
Preparing Exhibits

*25 cents per page after 15 pages per document

$10 per document