Arkansas Family Law & Divorce References

A Comprehensive List of Articles and Resources Referenced for Family Law Issues in Arkansas

Arkansas Department of Health Certificates and Records

Access adoption file requests, the Putative Father Registry, and other resources relating to family law.

The Arkansas Access and Visitation Mediation Program

A statewide program created in 1997, the Arkansas Access and Visitation Mediation Program helps with visitation for noncustodial parents.

Affidavit of Financial Means

A document Arkansas courts may require those petitioning for divorce to fill out in order to determine how debt will be divided between the parties, as well as child support.

Administrative Order No. 10

A document Arkansas courts use to determine child support guidelines in divorce and family law issues, such as paternity issues.

Arkansas Child Support Charts

Information from the Arkansas judiciary regarding the rules and guidelines for weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly child support.

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